Frequently asked questions

  • Sign up and train on a demo account. It is exactly the same as real trading, but for free.
  • On average, the withdrawal procedure takes from one to five days from the date of receipt of the corresponding request of the Client and depends only on the volume of simultaneously processed requests. The company always tries to make payments directly on the day the request is received from the Client.
  • Trading platform - a software complex that allows the Client to conduct trades (operations) using different financial instruments. It has also accesses to various information such as the value of quotations, real-time market positions, actions of the Company, etc.
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  • The advantage of the Company's trading platform is that you don't have to deposit large amounts to your account. You can start trading by investing a small amount of money. The minimum deposit is 10 US dollars.
  • No. The company does not charge any fee for either the deposit or for the withdrawal operations.
    However, it is worth considering that payment systems can charge their fee and use the internal currency conversion rate.
  • It is very easy to do. The procedure will take a couple of minutes.
    1) In the upper right corner of the tab click on the green "Deposit" button.
    You can also deposit the account through the account profile and go to your Personal Account by clicking the "Deposit" button.
    2) After it is necessary to choose a method of depositing the account (the Company offers a lot of convenient methods that are available to the Client and are displayed in his individual account).
    3) Next, Choose the currency in which the account will be deposited, and accordingly the currency of the account itself.
    4) Enter the amount of the deposit.
    5) Fill out the form by entering the requested payment details.
    6) Complete your payment.
  • The procedure for withdrawing capital is extremely simple and is carried out through your individual account.
    The method that you have chosen to deposit the account is also a method of withdrawing funds (see the question "How can I deposit?").
    For example, if you made a deposit to your account via the Visa payment system, you will also withdraw money via the Visa payment system.
    When it comes to the withdrawal of a sufficiently large amount, the Company may request verification (verification is requested at the Company's sole discretion), which is why it is very important to register an account individually for yourself in order to confirm your rights to it at any time.
  • No. The client performs self-registration on the Company's website, providing complete and accurate information about himself on issues asked in the registration form, and maintains this information up to date.
    If it is necessary to conduct various kinds of checks of the Client’s identity, the Company can request documents or invite the Client to its office.
    If the data entered in the registration fields does not match the data of the submitted documents, your individual profile may be blocked.
  • If it becomes necessary to pass verification, you will receive a notification by e-mail and / or SMS notification.
    However, the Company uses the contact details that you specified in the registration form (in particular, your email address and phone number). Therefore, be careful to provide relevant and correct information.

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