Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

02/01/2023, 19:57 WIB

  1. Can I use other people’s data to register at Quotex?
    No. Clients are advised to use their own data and provide complete and correct information when registering. Then when verifying data is required from the client, so it’s best to use personal data.
  2. Do I need to verify my data?
    Necessary. Because by verifying the data, the client’s account will be better protected from hackers.
    With data verification, the company will monitor the withdrawal account whether or not it is the same as the verified data to prevent misuse of the client’s account.
  3. Is there any notification that the data verification was successful?
    Yes, the client will receive notification of successful account verification via email/sms.
  4. What assets are available on Quotex?
    The assets available at Quotex can be divided into 4 categories, namely securities, currencies, metals, as well as indices. For more details, the assets included in the 4 major sections are:
    Securities: Global stocks in the world
    Currencies: EUR / USD / GBP / CAD
    Metals: Oil / Gold / Silver
    Index: S&P / Dow Jones / Dollar Index
  5. What is a trading platform and why is one needed?
    A trading platform is software that gives clients access to trading activities easily. The trading platform provides several financial instruments so that clients can choose what instrument they want to trade.
  6. What currency can the Client use?
    Usually, clients use US Dollars. But for the convenience of clients, the company provides options for all currencies in the world. So that clients can use the currency according to the client’s country of origin.
  7. How do I determine the profit yield?
    Profit results can be seen when choosing a market, because each market has a different percentage of return on profits. There are 80% -93%, so if you trade $ 100 on the market with an 80% percentage. Then the profit that the client will get is 80% of the trade amount which is $80.
  8. What is the minimum amount to make a deposit?
    Clients can make a minimum deposit of $10. The minimum deposit is set by the trading company to provide a standard for clients who want to carry out trading activities.