04/01/2023, 10:12 WIB

  1. Understand the types of instruments available!
    Before starting trading activities, you are required to know the types of instruments available and understand the profit return system in each instrument.
    After you enter / log in to your Quotex account, the display will appear like in this picture! How To Trade In Quotex
    For those who don’t have an account, you can press the sign-up button on this website!
    You can choose the type of instrument by pressing the currency button under the Quotex logo. How To Trade In Quotex
    There are a large number of digital assets currently open. Apart from these assets, there are percentages that differ from one another. This percentage is the amount of return on profit you will get if your trade is profitable. Example: You are trading on GBP/USD with a 1-minute trade, and it is profitable, so you will get a return of 82% of your trade amount. You open a position with $ 100, which means 82% multiplied by $ 100, which is a profit of $ 82.
  2. Choose the trading time you want!
    In the image below, you can specify the amount of time the trade expires. This means that when you open a buy or sell position, the countdown time for that determination is 1 minute. How To Trade In Quotex
  3. Set Trade Amount
    After setting the trading time, you must now determine the amount to invest!
    Minimum amount is $1 and maximum amount is $1000 in one open position. You can set the nominal amount in the column under the expiration time as shown above!
    If you want to trade above $1000 then you can open a new position/trade. We advise you to start with a small nominal first!
  4. Perform analysis before opening a position
    In trading activities, we must analyze the direction of the market before opening a position. Meanwhile, to open your own position, you have two options, namely up and down. If you think the price will go up, press up and if you think the price will go down, choose down.