07/01/2023, 19:34 WIB

MA and BB indicators are a very good combination for short term analysis. It is highly recommended to add this indicator in a binary platform like Quotex. MA (Moving Average) is the average line formed from candles. You can also set the number of candle periods you want to average. BB (Bollinger Bands) is an up and down curve to measure price volatility. For the MA level, I recommend using a period of 7. Meanwhile, for the BB level, use a period of 10 and a deviation of 2.

MA And BB Strategy

After using the MA and BB with the settings above, the display of the indicator will be like this. If the curve widens as shown in the image above, it means that there has been a significant price movement. Conversely, if the curve narrows, it means that the price movement is stable or commonly called sideways. For trading, it’s better to wait when there is a price movement such as an up trend (up trend) or down trend (down trend). And when the market is sideways (stable market) then you should not carry out trading activities.